Sylvia San Pio Resta

Sylvia San Pio Resta

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    Carr Futures | Analyst
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    Sylvia SanPio Resta and her husband, John Resta, had traveled to Florida several times, and there she found a seafood restaurant that she adored. So on the day he was to propose, he took the day off work. He had a meal -- lobster and other dishes -- and menus flown into New York City from the restaurant. He rented a tuxedo, a top hat and a cane, and spent the day setting up their apartment in Bayside, Queens, with candles, a fancy tablecloth and flowers.

    Needless to say, the answer was yes, and they were married in the summer of 2000. When the two -- both traders for Carr Futures -- were killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, she was seven months pregnant with their first child.

    Ms. SanPio Resta was artistic, yet she had a mind for numbers, said her sister Martiza Mure. In college, she majored in both mathematics and ceramics, and she had recently inspired her husband to take up oil painting.

    Ms. SanPio Resta's sisters, who were planning her baby shower when she was killed, said that when they planned her memorial service, they chose the theme song "In the Arms of an Angel."

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    To all who may have known Sylvia San Pio Resta. You must have been shocked that she died knowing she was pregnant and died before she had a life with a family and a kid. I feel as if anyone who knew her whether she was family or a friend just knowing would be in total grief morning of her death with her husband who died with her in the place. It almost feels sad that no one writes in these. Makes you wonder do family friends want to remember? Do they want to write? Well I'm writing that she probably been a great mother if not for this tragedy. Now we will never know. My condolences to her and his family from the Rodriguez family. Posted by Joshua Rodriguez