New York Times Portraits of Grief

Helen Crossin-Kittle

Helen Crossin-Kittle was the one to ask her future husband out on their first date. A good thing too, says Kevin Kittle, a high school custodian, because if she had waited for him to ask, he says, he would "still be single." The Kittles lived in Larchmont and their love story was a knew-each-other-from- childhood kind of thing. Only, as Mr. Kittle notes, he was "just dumb" -- didn't pick up on Helen's feelings until that first date, when she told him she was looking for a nice guy and had always thought he was a nice guy. They married April 7, honeymooned in St. Lucia, and did not want to wait to start a family. Ms. Kittle, 34, a computer specialist who worked on the 103rd floor of 1 World Trade Center, was five months pregnant at the time of the attack. She went for amniocentesis nine days ago and expected the results of the test on Monday. Mr. Kittle and the couple's families have not decided whether they want to be told whether she was expecting a boy or a girl.