New York Times Portraits of Grief

Christopher Hugh Forsythe

Christopher Hugh Forsythe lived by the clock. Or rather, he lived by the three alarm clocks it took to wake him up each morning. Mr. Forsythe, a foreign exchange money broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, was not much of an early riser, and his morning ritual of hitting the snooze bar on one clock after another tickled his wife so much that she often got up with him.

Even at 5 a.m., she said, they would joke around until it was time for her to say goodbye to him at the door. When he returned by 6 p.m., she would be waiting for him. Mr. Forsythe, 44, was a London native who settled in Basking Ridge, N.J., three years ago to work at Cantor Fitzgerald, after other jobs took him to Mexico and Madrid, where he met his wife, Tessie Molina. Though their initial conversations were awkward, they eventually grew to speak mostly Spanish at the home they shared with two children, Mrs. Molina's son Jose, 16, and Mr. Forsythe's daughter Kirsten, 15.