Memorial Sites | Town of Clarkstown American Patriot Garden

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31 Zukor Road
Clarkstown, NY 10956
United States

Purpose: The senior citizens in Clarkstown organized the first living memorial on this site in 1992. After 9/11, it seemed natural for the seniors to add this event to the “promenade of heroes.” Each war is represented along the path and marked by a tree and plantings that have some symbolic meaning to the era or the battlefield. The 9/11 memorial, newly planted, has been given its place by local veterans among World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The outdoor living memorial compliments the activities inside the community center where the walls are filled with images and reflections of generations past. The hallways are equally colorful with seniors talking in groups, planning trips and using the center for a wide range of games and activities. After school, kids fill the center and more laughter fills the hallways of this special place. Reason site was selected: Many Clarkstown community clubs meet in this building. Everyone must pass by the Promenade. The site was originally selected for this reason and because it was an open, vacant space in need of some improvement. The Seniors came together to do something that could help tell the story of sacrifice and survival. “I notice when people come here and walk on the pathway – they become quiet and reflective, says Charles Connington, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. "Charlie" has been in public service here for nearly 28 years. “We have a pre-Kindergarten program that meets here. I have seen many mothers and kids walk thru before heading into the building or pause on the way out before heading home,” adds Charlie. The 9/11 living memorial has inspired new thoughts of additional plantings off the pathway and onto the adjacent lawn. This part of the living memorial is still being planned. Clarkstown has another memorial at the main town hall. Water is the primary natural feature of this memorial. The names of those lost are engraved on the memorial.