Memorial Sites | Flight 93 Memorial

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Sugar Mill Landing Park
Union City, CA 94587
United States
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Each individual's name, age, and hometown is engraved on each stone. On the front side of the 40 stones is a polished stainless steel mirror to reflect the viewers own image to signify that it could have been any one of us aboard Flight 93 that day. The back of the 40 remembrance stones were left unfinished to signify that the heros had unfinished lives.The stones begin at the "Circle of Remembrance", with two boards describing the Flight and the Memorial, and one board with the names of the Sponsors and Donors.The flowing path leads the visitor to each stone and allows them to step off the path and individually reflect and pay respects to that person. There are also "reflection benches" along the path so that visitors can take time to sit and reflect about the loss we have all felt and the grief the World, the Nation and the Families have endured since that fateful date in history. Bordering the benches are grasses symbolizing amber waves of grain. Other flowers are planted along the path and around the Memorial to illustrate rebirth and hope for the future.The Memorial ends at the "Circle of Hope." This circle has and American flag symbolizing the bravery and courage of those citizens that day. The flag is surrounded by a circle of tiles hand painted by children from the community, these tiles show their vision of the future.