Memorial Sites | Boston Public Garden 9/11 Memorial

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Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02114
United States
Dedicated to:
9/11 victims with connections to Massachusetts and New England

With the assistance of Mayor Thomas Menino, the Boston City Parks Department, the Friends of the Boston Public Garden, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, and the United States Department of Agriculture, the Fund dedicated a public memorial on the Arlington Street side of the Boston Public Garden on July 12, 2004.

To memorialize the victims of September 11, 2001 from Massachusetts and New England. This memorial will be a remembrance space for 250 families as well as a redesigned corner access-point of a vital Boston public open space resource. Reason site was selected: The site was selected jointly by the board of the Massachusetts 9/11 fund in concert with the Mayor of Boston. Although there had been some discussion about the new parks that will be created as a part of the Big Dig as a potential site, it was deemed that this site is of a quality that ensures "reverence of space," according to the Mass 9/11 Fund director Linda Plazonja. It is America's first public botanic garden and a National Historic Landmark, with this being the first redesigned garden area in the Public Garden in recent years. The site is central to the city, historic, quiet, and is guaranteed to be maintained throughout time, which gave the Fund confidence in the ongoing dignity of the site. Moreover, given its strategic location and beloved Boston icons like the Swan Boats and the book "Make Way for Ducklings," nearly every family member and Bostonian has some positive connection with the Garden. Events planned for site: Since the Public Garden is America's first botanical garden, active recreation and events are not permitted. It is directly across the street from the more active Boston Common where such activities are encouraged. As such, there will be a private dedication for the family members in July of 2004, but after that no events will be held at the memorial. It will only be used for quiet contemplation. Being situated at one of the main entranceways to the Garden, it will receive a high level of pedestrian traffic. Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?:Plazonja believes that it will be sacred because it is a "the Public Garden is beautiful place and each individual name is, treated with dignity and respect." She added, "because of the City’s compassion for the families, this memorial is as close as Boston comes to a public display of affection. While Bostonians are typically as guarded about jubilation as they are about sheer misery, this memorial is as close as we come to wearing our hearts on our sleeves." A project participant noted that there may be criticism at either extreme for building in the garden or for not doing something monumental enough, but that this memorial is not designed like a monument. It is a quiet place integrated into the landscape, featuring 198 names, vernacular language like "mother" and "brother"

Victims Listed:
Gertrude M. Alagero "Trudi", Anna Williams Allison, Dorothy A. de Araujo, Barbara Jean Arestegui "Bobbi", Myra Joy Aronson, Japhet J. Aryee, Garnet Edward Bailey "Ace", Christine J. Barbuto, Mark Lawrence Bavis "Bavo", Graham Berkeley, David W. Bernard "Dave", Mark K. Bingham, Jeffrey D. Bittner, Susan L. Blair "Susie/Sue", Kelly Ann Booms "Kel", Carol Marie Bouchard, John Brett Cahill "MadDog", Michael R. Canty, Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen, William O. Caspar, Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey, Swarna Chalasani, Stephen Patrick Cherry "Steve", Geoffrey W. Cloud, Jeffrey D. Collman, Kevin P. Connors, Jeffrey W. Coombs, John J. Corcoran III "Jay", Frederick John Cox Jr., Tara Kathleen Creamer, Thelma Cuccinello, Patrick Currivan, Capt. Gerald F. DeConto, Manuel Del Valle Jr., Gerard P. Dewan, Sulemanali Ali Kassamali Dhanani "Simon", David DiMeglio, Donald A. DiTullio, Alberto Dominguez, Jamie L. Fallon, Paige Farley-Hackel, Alexander Milan Filipov, John Roger Fisher, Richard P. Fitzsimons, Carol A. Flyzik, Alan Wayne Friedlander, Paul Friedman, Karleton Douglas Beye Fyfe, Thomas Edward Galvin "Tom", Christopher S. Gardner, Douglas B. Gardner "Doug", Peter Alan Gay, Linda Mae George, Edmund Glazer, Lynn Catherine Goodchild, Peter Morgan Goodrich, Lisa Fenn Gordenstein "LiLi", Douglas A. Gowell, Andrew Charles Curry Green, Donald F. Greene, Rev. Francis E. Grogan, Philip T. Guza, Maile R. Hale, Carl M. Hammond, Gerald F. Hardacre, Melissa Marie Harrington-Hughes, Eric Hartono, John Clinton Hartz, Peter Hashem, James E. Hayden, Robert J. Hayes, Roberta Bernstein Heber "Bobbi", Edward R. Hennessy "Ted", Norberto Hernandez, Todd R. Hill, Cora H. Holland, Herbert W. Homer, William Christopher Hunt "Bill", Erik H. Isbrandtsen, Waleed J. Iskandar, Aaron Jacobs, Ariel L. Jacobs, Jason Kyle Jacobs, Robert Adrien Jalbert "Bob", Gricelda E. James, Amy N. Jarret, John C. Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins Jr., Charles Edward Jones "Chuck", Jennifer Lynn Kane, Robin Lynne Kaplan, Robert M. Kaulfers, Richard M. Keane "Dick", Barbara A. Keating, Ralph F. Kershaw, Brian Kinney, David P. Kovalcin, Kathryn L. LaBorie, Judith Camilla Larocque, Natalie Janis Lasden, Robert George LeBlanc, Dong Chul Lee, Joseph A. Lenihan "Joe", Jeffrey LeVeen "Jeff", Daniel C. Lewin, Sara Elizabeth Low, Sean Patrick Lynch "Syncher", Marianne MacFarlane, Susan A. MacKay, Louis Neil Mariani, Kenneth Joseph Marino "Kenny", Karen Martin, Joseph Mathai "Minoo", Margaret Mattic, Kevin M. McCarthy, Juliana Valentine McCourt, Ruth Magdaline McCourt, Michael G. McGinty, Thomas F. McGuinness, Gavin McMahon, Christopher D. Mello, Stuart Todd Meltzer, Raymond J. Metz III, Martin P. Michelstein, Craig J. Miller, Laura L. Defazio Morabito, Carlos Montoya, Christopher M. Morrison, Brian J. Murphy, Mildred Rose Naiman, Shawn M. Nassaney, Laurie A. Neira, Renee Lucille Tretreault Newell, Kathleen A. Nicosia, Jacqueline Norton, Robert G. Norton, Leah E. Oliver, Capt. John Ogonowski, Betty Ann Ong "Bee", Jane M. Orth, Marie Pappalardo, Robert Edward Pattison "Bob", Thomas Nicholas Pecorelli, Todd D. Pelino, Jean H. Peterson, Berry B. Perkins, Dennis J. Pierce, Everett Martin Proctor III "Marty", Carrie B. Progen, Sonia M. Morales Puopolo, Patrick J. Quigley IV, David E. Retik IV, Venesha O. Richards, Frederick Rimmele III, Isaias Rivera, Stephen L. Roach, Raymond J. Rocha, Laura Rockefeller, Jean D. Roger, Philip M. Rosenzweig, Richard B. Ross, Michael Craig Rothberg, James M. Roux, Jessica Leigh Sachs, Rahma S. Salie, Jesus Sanchez, Matthew Carmen Sellitto, Kathleen Shearer, Antionette M. Sherman, Jane L. Simpkin "Janie", Heather Lee Smith, Dianne Bullis Snyder "Di", Timothy C. Stout, Edward W. Straub, Brian D. Sweeney, Madeline A. Sweeney, Kevin T. Szocik, Leonard Taylor, Michael Theodoridis, Eric Raymond Thorpe "Rick", Alicia Nicole Titus, Amy E. Toyen, Daniel Patrick Trant "Dan", James Anthony Trentini "Jim,Jimmy,Mr."T"", Mary Barbara Trentini, Tyler Victor Ugolyn "Ty", Michael A. Uliano, Antonio De Jesus Montoya Valdes, Kenneth Waldie, Meta Waller, Stephen Gordon Ward, William M. Weems, John Wenckus, Peter M. West, Maudlyn A. White, Candace Lee Williams, Christopher Zarba