Kazuhiro Anai

Kazuhiro Anai

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  • Occupation:
    Nishi-Nippon Bank | Deputy Manager

    Kazuhiro Anai, 42, was staying in New York to handle the remaining business for the branch, which closed Sept. 6. He was supposed to return to Japan with his family as soon as he completed his work. His colleagues described him as a ''cheerful person with leadership.''

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    Mr. Anai worked for Nishi-Nippon Banks NYC branch. The branch was closing down at that time and Mr. Anai was overseeing the closing.... there were only 2 or 3 others there... Mr. Anai was getting ready to go home to Japan... Nishi Nippon Bank sent Mr. Izumi Ikeda who had previously worked with Mr. Anai in NYC to assist his family. Mr. Anai was a very nice honorable man. I remember him. Posted by Scott Taylor

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