Marianne Simone Our mother, Marianne, grew up in a warm and loving Italian family. Our grandfather used to sit with us and translate Italian songs. The songs were all about love, either a love so intense it hurt or a broken heart. We never truly understood the meaning of a broken heart until Sept. 11th. When her parents died she became the soul of our family. Spending time with her always meant fun and laughs. We have been trying not to dwell on the evil that robbed her from us or the fear she most likely endured that morning. She was a loving, peaceful person who did not deserve this end. All we have now are our cherished memories. When Grandma arrived with bags in hand her grandchildren knew she had a surprise. She took over the house, straightening cabinets, starting dinner, pouring herself a glass of wine. She read to the children, gave them baths or watch a movie, and always Saturday Night Live. Everyone who spent time with her had fun. She had a great spirit and loved life. She loved to dance, shop, decorate and play cards with her sons in law and friends. She loved the independent woman she became. She was beautiful. Unfortunately for us she loved to dress up and go to work. She loved herself and she taught us that you must love yourself before others could love you. She was proud of herself and us and we were proud of her. She was good to her family and we were good to her. Our mother was a lucky person, she was the person to go with to Atlantic City. She was the one who just might hit the lottery. If anyone from her company could have made it out, it just might have been her. Each time the phone rang Tuesday or Wednesday we just knew it would be her. But the phone never rang and our lives will never be the same. All we have now is that she had been reunited with her parents that she missed so much. We will never again have the gift of seeing her beautiful face or laugh at her silly sayings but she will be in our hearts and memories forever. We just can't imagine how the emptiness and pain in our hearts will subside. Mom, we will miss you and love you forever.