Richard Michael Caproni

Richard Michael Caproni

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    Marsh & McLennan | Senior Accounting Specialist
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    Three times a week, after Rich Caproni finished work, he went to the movies. It didn’t matter what kind – a subtitled foreign flick, a dumb comedy, a thriller. Caproni, 34, saw them all. If his friends needed to know who won the Oscar for best actor in 1943, or if they wanted an instant review of a new film, they’d call him. It was a habit he acquired growing up in North Babylon, Long Island, where his father frequently took him and his three younger siblings to movies. “He was a big guy with a big laugh,” remembers his dad, Richard, “and if something struck him as funny, he’d laugh so hard that all of a sudden the whole theater would catch on and start laughing, too.”

    After graduating from SUNY Oswego, Caproni moved to Manhattan and rose to his position as senior account specialist for Marsh & McLennan, stationed on the ninety-eighth floor of the World Trade Center’s Tower One. In August, he bought his first apartment, a condo in Lynbrook, Long Island, and moved there with his Blockbuster-size collection of videos. His sister Lisa had just begun helping him decorate. He was looking forward to going to an Ohio State football game with his college friends in October, and to next summer, when he’d be close to the beach, the place he loved best. “He’d get there at nine in the morning and wouldn’t leave til the sun went down,” says a former girlfriend, Amy Ma.

    At six feet two and 265 pounds, Caproni made an impression on those he met, and he kept his friends for life. When Ma threw a surprise thirtieth birthday party for him, so many people came that they spilled out of the room she had reserved and took over the entire bar. One of the few things in life Caproni didn’t like was cleaning. But after he moved into his new apartment, his mother sent a dust mop to inspire him. On Sunday, September 9th, Caproni called her for the last time. “Hey, Mom,” he said, “I want you to know I just cleaned the place. It’s sparkling.”

    From Rolling Stone, December 27, 2001

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    Rich, roommate, friend. I miss you buddy. Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. Posted by Susan Mason and family

    I was in Mr. Caproni's class in High School and remember when Mr. C told us his son was born...I don't know why but I never forgot that......MR C. was a great teacher. I graduated from South Side High School in 1968. Posted by Toni Epstein

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