Peter A. Bielfeld

Peter A. Bielfeld

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    Fire Department of New York | Firefighter, Ladder 42
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    Peter, you are solely missed more than you think. What keeps me going are the memories that are still alive in me. Peter you know playing sports in Montauk with Eddie (you and Ern always cheated) watching football and playing the sheets (still bet the Lions will win) and the days we watched the Super Bowls at your apartment. Remember the camping trip and the trip to Montauk in 1992 and playing spades with family and friends. My fondest memories are when my two children were born and their birthday parties. Alex still remembers you. Nicholas was too young and Sarah and Peter whom you never met but we keep you alive through memories and pictures. I look out in my backyard and still see you sitting behind the bar at Nicholas First Birthday Party August 2001.......... (Psst put in a good word with the Big Guy about the Lions - HA HA ) You still make me laugh Love and Miss You My Dear Brother Roger and Family Published by Roger Bielfeld

    Gone but never forgotten!Thank you Peter for your heroic effort! Love & Eternal Peace Posted by Donna Pagano

    Peter The Family Man, dedicated to his parents adored his grandparents loyal to his siblings and idolized by your nieces and nephews. On March 26 2000 he was presented a daughter Brittany which changed and rocked your world. With a little stubborn streak he was competitive and refused to loose. Peter was also selfless to others by organizing holiday and recreational functions for the neighborhood of Ladder-42 along with the firehouse church St. Anselm. Peter was extremely motivated and adventurous in play and in work. On September 11th at the medical office due to a prior injury the first plane hit. Peter and another took a private car to Ladder-10 grabbed someone gear and left his last thoughts. I AM PETER BIELFELD PLEASE HOLD MY STUFF TELL MY FAMILY I LOVE THEM MOM DAD PATTI AND BRIT ROGER AND BARBARA If only you waited a minute longer your family especially your pride and joy Brittany will be in your loving arms. As fate has it the Angels called upon you to join them in heaven with your trademark THE CIGAR. Blessed By The Star That Beholds Your Name Mom and Dad Published by Ernest and Hilde BIelfeld

    Ernie and hilde I have known your family over 35 yrs. I still have peters picture hanging in my living room. All my love Timmy and the daily news gang Published by timmy lewis

    Peter, 13 years have gone by & it still feels like yesterday. Love you miss you & I'll see you when I get there. You'll be forever in my heart xxoo Love Patti Posted by Patricia Cubas-Perry

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