New York Times Portraits of Grief

Yuk-Ping Wong

Yuk-Ping Wong, known as Winnie, went to college after raising her sons, Eddie, 22, and Christopher, 18. ''It was tough,'' said her sister, Ariane Yuk-Ling Leung. ''In Chinese culture, usually people go to school when they're younger. She felt somewhat out of place in the classes.''

But Brian Keener, chairman of the English department at New York City Technical College, called her an outstanding student. ''She would work around the clock,'' he said of Winnie. She graduated from there and from Baruch College with honors.

At Ms. Wong's memorial service, her co-workers at the New York State Department Taxation and Finance told Ms. Leung that her sister was brilliant. ''They asked me to tell my mother, 'She was brilliant like sunshine.' '' Ms. Wong was the oldest of seven children.

As a tax auditor trainee, she started working at the World Trade Center in June. She had been living with her parents in Brooklyn after a divorce in 1996. She was vivacious, stylish and well dressed, an ''educated consumer'' when it came to finding bargains, her sister said. She was taking baptism classes at her church, where she sang in the choir.

''Winnie has moved onward, to the sweetest home in heaven,'' Ms. Leung wrote in a Web page in her honor.

"Steve took advantage of all the business, cultural and personal growth opportunities that life afforded him," said Clyde Fritz, a friend and colleague. "He had his priorities aligned properly." Later this month, Mr. Fritz, Mrs. Wong and Jacqueline will fly to Edinburgh to pick up Mr. Wong's degree.