New York Times Portraits of Grief

Todd C. Weaver

Once, on a skiing trip with his wife and his in-laws, Todd Weaver discovered that he was not the best skier in the family. The best by far was his wife, Amy Lawson.

"But he was determined that he was not going be beaten by anyone," said his father-in-law, Ted Lawson.

So Mr. Weaver studied up and took lessons, and the next year surprised everyone by blasting down the mountain, the proud new Best Skier of the Family, his brand-new bright yellow jacket clearly visible to all.

Mr. Weaver, 30, could be playfully competitive, but when it came to his family and his livelihood, he was all business. He and his wife, who met at Miami University in Ohio, carefully planned their moves around the world, to Japan, Atlanta, Chicago and finally to New York, with good jobs and graduate degrees along the way. He got his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago in August 2000, and within a month he had a job offer in New York. On Sept. 11, 2001, he was at work at 2 World Trade Center, where he was a vice president at Fiduciary Trust International.

"He was just the kind of guy you'd want as your son or husband," said his mother-in-law, Sharon Lawson. "He was just solid."