New York Times Portraits of Grief

A Circle of Life
Andrew Stern

How to fathom the circuitous andhorrifying symmetry of the twin towers in the story of Andrew Stern, a Cantor Fitzgerald broker.

"Our lives started together in the World Trade Center and now they haveended with it," said his wife, Katie. The couple met there in 1986. That was atDean Witter Reynolds, as it was then called, when it was in 2 World TradeCenter. He was a trader. She was a sales assistant. "I didn't really know himwell," she said. "We met at the copy machine."

Hindsight reveals how perceptibly, but inevitably, photocopying led todating, and marriage, and children — Danny is 7, Emma is 4 — "andas the years went by, I fell in love with him more and more," Katie said. Theyboth moved on, and out, of the trade center, but Andrew returned — thistime to 1 World Trade Center — to be a broker in Cantor Fitzgerald'smunicipal bond department on the 104th floor.

And so it happened that last Saturday they drove in from Bellmore, N.Y., toattend a Manhattan wedding, and stayed overnight in the Roosevelt Hotel. "I'mso glad to have a memory of that romantic evening," Katie said. But when theyleft on that beautiful Sunday morning, they walked down Fifth Avenue towardPennsylvania Station, "and we could both see the trade center, right therebefore us."

The following people noted on this page have officiallybeen confirmed dead: Mr. Cruikshank, Mr. D'Ambrosi, Mr. Iskyan, Mr. Lazar, Mr.McHeffey, Mr. Parks, Mr. Rice, Mr. Stern and Mr. York.