New York Times Portraits of Grief

John J. Murray

John J. Murray was not one to put things off. He would fill his weekends visiting friends and family and he would make that one last phone call even if he was exhausted, said Rory, his wife of two years. Mr. Murray, of Hoboken, N.J., was a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald.

"There was no complacency about him," she said of her husband. "He didn't take life for granted. His father said of him after the attack on the World Trade Center, `He probably lived more in his 32 years than most people live in 100.' "

For example, shortly after they were married, Mrs. Murray had an opportunity to take a job in London. He sought a transfer and they lived abroad for about a year. The couple moved back to the New York City area late last year to be close to family after she became pregnant with Alyson, who is now 6 months old.

"He was enamored of his daughter and fatherhood," Mrs. Murray said. "For so many people, becoming a father changes their lives, but he loved every minute of it."