New York Times Portraits of Grief

George Morell

At a Giants playoff game last year, George Morell introduced himself to the legendary halfback Frank Gifford, without knowing who he was. Even when Mr. Gifford said his own name, Mr. Morell still did not know. When his friends ribbed him, Mr. Morell replied, "Well, he didn't know who I was either."

Mr. Morell, 47, a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, was the kind of man who shook hands with strangers and made them his friends. It did not matter if they were celebrities or not. "George made the shoeshine guy feel like a million bucks," said his younger brother, Mark. "He didn't collect cars or postage stamps. He collected friends."

The elder Mr. Morell lived with his wife, Roberta, and their children, Nancy, George Jr., Kelsey and Harrison, in Bedford, N.Y. He liked to hunt and fish, and often took his family along. But his favorite pastime was telling stories about his encounters with life. He always had just one more to tell.