New York Times Portraits of Grief

Alan D. Kleinberg

On Sept. 10, Alan D. Kleinberg spent the evening at the East Brunswick Township Council, where he lobbied to move forward with a community skate park, a nod to his oldest son's affection for in-line skating. On the hot-button issue, known to provoke emotions, he was respected as a negotiator and mediator who helped gain acceptance for the idea.

"He did this for his child," said Jacque Eaker, special assistant to the East Brunswick Township mayor.

At 39, Mr. Kleinberg thrived on his job as a securities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, but family was the focus of his time off, whether it was planning a special trip for his wife, Mindy, coaching the basketball team of his 10-year-old son, Jacob, taking his 7-year-old daughter, Lauren, to dance class or a Saturday afternoon ice skating with the children, including his 3-year-old son, Sam.

"Whatever was good in this world, he took and gave to them," said Gail Rubin, his mother-in-law.

On Oct. 15, the council endorsed the park plan. Work is to begin this spring.