New York Times Portraits of Grief

Andrew M. King

Alot of the Cantor Fitzgerald crowd played golf. And a lot of them were good at it. But Andrew M. King was REALLY, REALLY good. He had a four handicap and had shot three holes-in-one. "He had a beautiful swing," said his wife, Judy King.

Mr. King, 42, a bond trader, played the world's great courses, but last summer he led his wife and three children, 14 other family members, and his best friend, Tom Pritchard, to golf nirvana -- the storied St. Andrew's in Scotland. "We teed off, and Andrew said, `We're here!' " said his sister- in-law, Jackie Szafara.

It was typical of Mr. King that he had been the one to organize the trip. "He was the head-in-law," Ms. Szafara said. "The family get-together started when Andrew got there."

And while he left his home in Princeton at 5:30 a.m. for the World Trade Center, and often entertained clients until midnight, he never missed a family gathering.

He spotted his future wife at the Denver airport 16 years ago, and talked his way into the limousine she and her friends were taking to Vail for a skiing vacation. "I thought, `Oh, God, he's so cute, he's so nice,' " Mrs. King, 41, recalled. Skiing with him the next day -- watching him ski, he was a superb skier -- she was hooked.

They would have celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last week.

"I never saw him down in his life," Ms. Szafara said. "It was always how great Judy was, how great the kids were, how great the house was."