New York Times Portraits of Grief

Clement Fumando

Clement Fumando met his future wife in the schoolyard when they were 13. They were married almost 39 years; his memorial service was on their anniversary, Sept. 30.

"We lived a very simple life, shopping and staying near home; that was it," Katherine Fumando said. "It was not going to sell a book, you know what I'm saying? But it was our life and we were so happy with it. It was perfect for us, because we both enjoyed each other so much. We had a very, very unique marriage. Like anybody could say you had a good marriage. We had a great one. Everything was great about it. He was just a wonderful person, thoughtful, and he never ever had a hard word for me. He was just a good man."

Mr. Fumando, 59, was an operations officer at Cantor Fitzgerald. He liked to bowl with his son, Stephen, 30, go to car shows and the Englishtown Raceway with his other son, Gregory, 36, and shop with his granddaughter, Brittany, 8. "She could call him up at the drop of a button," Mrs. Fumando said. "She loved junk stores, that's what he did with her, 99 cents stores."

"Whatever needed to be done," she said, "he did it."