New York Times Portraits of Grief

Kevin Joseph Frawley

Margaret Gardini is the last of the Frawley triplets.

Crib death claimed her brother Michael Edmond Frawley at 4 months. Kevin Joseph Frawley died in the World Trade Center at 34. Now, a sister is trying to live without the brother who shared her aches, pains and joys.

"It wasn't a cliché," Mrs. Gardini said. "When he got sick, I did, too. When he had a hernia operation, I was miserable. In August, I told him that I had had pain in one of my wisdom teeth. He asked which one. I said the lower right side. He said that he did, too."

She said that the night before the attacks, she had an uneasy feeling. "I told him that something doesn't feel right. He told me not to worry."

Mrs. Gardini has closed off her emotions to deal with the pain of losing her brother, said her mother, Theresa Frawley-Conklin. "She misses him so much. Even as a baby, she used to put her arms around him to protect him. I used to find her tucked in Kevin's armpit. It was so cute."

Mrs. Frawley-Conklin is not any better, though she has three other children besides Mrs. Gardini. It hurts to lose any child, she said. Mr. Frawley, of Bronxville, N.Y., a bond trader at Euro Brokers for seven years, had married his girlfriend, Tierney Mooney, on Aug. 11.

"It took me two years to get over my son Michael," Mrs. Frawley-Conklin said. "Kevin — I'll take this to the grave with me."