New York Times Portraits of Grief

Dwight Darcy

Like many others who were there, Dwight Darcy, 55, lived with the memory of the 1993 trade center bombing. It bothered him for years, said his wife, Veronica. "Every time there was a bang, he would jump," she said.

But Mr. Darcy was at work again on the 66th floor of the north tower, where he was a labor relations lawyer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, when the trade center was struck. Mr. Darcy had been with the Port Authority for 25 years, raising two sons with his wife in their Bronxville, N.Y., home, and serving on the parish board of St. Joseph's of Bronxville Roman Catholic Church. Opera was one of his great loves, Mrs. Darcy said, and the couple frequently attended performances at the Met and the City Opera with groups organized by Mr. Darcy's Fordham University alumni group and by the New York Athletic Club, where he was also a member.