New York Times Portraits of Grief

Susan Bochino

It was a "little shaky" working on the 92nd floor of the south tower, Susan Bochino, who was no fan of being that high off the ground, told her father, Elmer Bochino. But she also said she thought a career move to Aon Corporation was well worth the sacrifice. Mr. Bochino remembers her saying that two months ago, when she started her new job with Aon as a client specialist.

"In her working career, I'd have to say this was the happiest she ever was," Mr. Bochino said. "She said it and I could see it."

Ms. Bochino, who was 36, loved going to the movies, to Giants football games, or just watching television shows, especially "Star Trek." Growing up, she never spent a lot of time on her books, but her father said she did not have to. "She'd be sitting there at 4 in the morning watching television," Mr. Bochino said. "But I couldn't get mad because she'd always come home with A's."