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"The memorial should instill the ideas that patriotism is a moral duty, that freedom comes at a price, and that the victims of this attack have paid the ultimate price. We challenge you to create a memorial that translates this terrible tragedy into a place of solace, peace, and healing."
The Pentagon Memorial is designed so that the nation may remember and reflect on the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. To preserve the memories of those lost and the day’s tremendous significance in our nation’s history, the Pentagon Memorial Fund, Inc. was formed to raise the necessary funds to build a simple but meaningful memorial near the site of the attack for all to visit.
The Pentagon Memorial Fund is also dedicated to developing educational resources and outreach opportunities to help visitors understand the historic significance of the site and the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. In 2003, a large cross-section of corporations, countries and individuals – including family members of the victims, former presidents and first ladies, members of Congress, former military leaders, people from across America and the world – joined together in support of the Pentagon Memorial Fund
Victims Listed:
Paul W. Ambrose Spc. Craig Scott Amundson Melissa R. Barnes Max Beilke Yeneneh Betru Kris Romeo Bishundat Carrie Blagburn Lt. Col. Canfield D. Boone "Buddy" Donna Bowen Christopher L. Burford Capt. Charles Burlingame III Asia S. Caballero Daniel M. Caballero Jose O. Calderon-Olmedo Suzanne Calley Angelene C. Carter Sharon Ann Carver William Caswell John J. Chada Rosa M. Chapa "Rosemary" David Michael Charlebois Sara Clark Julian Cooper Lcdr. Eric A. Cranford Ada Davis James Debeuneure Capt. Gerald F. DeConto Rodney Dickens LTC. Jerry D. Dickerson Eddie A. Dillard Johnnie Doctor Jr. Capt. Robert E. Dolan William H. Donovan Charles A. Droz III Patrick S Dunn Edward Thomas Earhart Barbara Edwards LTC. Robert R. Elseth Charles S. Falkenberg Dana Falkenberg Zoe Falkenberg Peggie Hurt Jamie L. Fallon J. Joseph Ferguson Amelia V. Fields Gerald P. Fisher Darlene Flagg "Dee" Matthew M Flocco Richard P. Gabriel David W Laychak Capt. Lawrence D Getzfred Cortez Ghee Brenda C Gibson Ronald Golinski Stanley Hall Carolyn B Halmon "Bet" Michele Heidenberger Sheila Hein Ronald J Hemenway Wallace C Hogan Jimmie I Holley Angela Houtz Brady K Howell Peggie Hurt LTC. Stephen N Hyland Robert J Hymel Lacey B Ivory Bryan C. Jack Steven D. Jacoby "Jake" Lt. Col. Dennis M Johnson Judith Jones Ann Judge Brenda Kegler Chandler Keller Yvonne Estelle O'Prey Kennedy Norma Cruz Khan Karen A. Kincaid Lt. Michael S Lamana Dong Chul Lee Jennifer Lewis Nehamon Lyons Shelley A Marshall Teresa Martin Lt. Dean E Mattson Lt. Timothy J Maude Robert J Maxwell Renee May Molly McKenzie Dora Menchaca Patricia E Mickley "Patti" Ronald Dutrell Mi Gerard P Moran Odessa Virginia Morris Brian A Moss Teddington H. Moy Lt. Commander Patrick Jude Murphy Christopher C. Newton Khang Nguyen Michael Allen Noeth Barbara K. Olson Ruben Ornedo Diana B Padro Lt. Jonas M Panik Clifford L Patterson Robert Penninger Lt. Darin H Pontell Scott Alan Powell Capt. Jack Punches Joseph J Pycior Lisa J. Raines Deborah Ramsaur Rhonda Rasmussen Marsha D. Ratchford Todd H. Reuben Martha Reszke CeCelia E Richard Edward V Rowenhorst Judy Rowlett Robert E Russell William R Ruth Charles E Sabin Marjorie Champion Salamone John Sammartino Lt. Cmdr. David M Scales Robert A Schlegel Janice M. Scott Michael L Selves Marian Serva Dan F Shanower Antionette M. Sherman Diane M. Simmons Donald D. Simmons George W. Simmons Cheryle D Sincock Gregg H Smallwood Lt. Col. Gary F Smith Mari-Rae Sopper Robert Speisman "Bob" Patricia J Statz Edna L Stephens Norma Lang Steuerle Larry Strickland Hilda Taylor Kip P Taylor Leonard Taylor Sandra Taylor Karl W. Teepe Tamara Thurman Otis V Tolbert Willie Q. Troy Ronald J. Vauk Lt. Col. Karen Wagner Meta Waller Maudlyn A. White Sandra L. White Leslie A. Whittington Ernest M. Willcher David Lucian Williams Marvin Woods John D. Yamnicky Sr. Vicki C. Yancey Shuyin Yang Kevin Yokum Donald McArthur Young Edmond Young Lisa L. Young Yuguang Zheng