Kristin A. Irvine-Ryan

Kristin A. Irvine-Ryan

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    Sandler O'Neil & Partners | Trader
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    I'm so sorry for everything your family and friends went through and are still going through. It's crazy how something like this can happen out of nowhere and you don't expect it. You can't ever be prepared for something like this to happen mentally or physically. My mother works in DC at the state department so I was scared that she might be hurt but luckily she wasn't I'm sorry that Kristin wasn't one of the lucky ones. We'll never forget what happened that day and the impact it has left of all of us. Posted by Cassidy

    To the family of Kristin A. Irvine-Ryan Published by Sonnie S.

    RIP Kristy. I will never forget. May God bless you forever!! Posted by Dave Gregory

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