Dennis O'Berg

Dennis O'Berg

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    Fire Department of New York | Firefighter, Ladder 105
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    Dennis will be remembered for his heroic actions I thank him for his service and his remarkable bravery that will keep his name in lights he gave great honor to his country. And I thank you Dennis O'Berg for saving those you did. And for serving and standing as a symbol of true freedom. Posted by Sarah B.

    Dennis You sacrificed your life for many others, that's the biggest hero a person can be. May you rest in peace. Posted by Scot

    We visited the 9/11 Memorial this past weekend to pay our respects for men and women who lost their lives. I do not know Dennis O'Berg but I photographed his name and would like to thank him for his service and bravery. Thank you Hero Dennis. To his family and friends - I am deeply sorry for your loss. Published by Sharon

    Dear family of Dennis O'Berg, First I would like to say that I am sorry for the loss of your son. I would like to thank you for his service along with his father thank you both for helping our country. I thank you for helping the people who were there on 9/11. Your son was a hero; he gave his life to help others and that is all this country can ask for. Although he is no longer with us he will always be in your hearts and we will never forget what he did for this country. In my class we have been talking about about the tragedy of September 11th and I just wanted you to know that his service was very appreciated. Sincerely, Miranda H

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