Debbie S. Bellows

Debbie S. Bellows

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  • Occupation:
    Cantor Fitzgerald | Executive Assistant

    attended Bown High School, Queens, NY
    Debbie was an only child but had many cousins

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    A group of students in my university are giving out wristbands with the names of all of those that we lost on 9/11. The name on my wristband is Debbie Bellows. As soon as I got it I went to look her up on the internet. I've looked at a couple of pages dedicated to her. It made me tear up when I read messages from her friends and family. I just wanted to say that I will always keep this wristband and always keep Debbie Bellows in my thoughts. Posted by Dany

    Thought someone who knew Debbie might like this picture. Was very touching to see the rose when visiting NYC from Canada in December. Posted by Rob Jones

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